About Beyond A Shadow

Stories of True Crime, Mysteries & Wrongdoings

Released in April 2018, Beyond A Shadow is the newest podcast added to our line-up at Canoe West Media. True crime stories, mysteries and wrongdoings. Beyond A Shadow is written and produced in our nomadic studio in Canada. 


Beyond a Shadow is a bi-weekly podcast, presented by Elizabeth Martin, audio production by Jim Martin.

Detailed stories told in narrative that are sure to have you questioning motives, trying to reason out why people do what they do and maybe even have you looking over your shoulder.

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Canoe West Media also produces the world's most popular motorcycle podcast, Adventure Rider Radio and round-table motorcycle and adventure travel talk show, ARR RAW.  

Beyond A Shadow Podcast: True crime, mysteries and wrongdoings..
Beyond A Shadow is Produced by Canoe West Media in Canada

Great podcast. I mean GREAT!!! Many more to come, I hope. ~ R.M.