#1 When Eleven Criminals Pulled Off the Crime of the Century

 Anthony "Fats" Pino

Anthony "Fats" Pino

CRIME: Robbery

LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts

DATE: January, 1950

SUMMARY: Secrets are hard to keep, especially when you have a large group of people. In 1950, eleven criminals planned and pulled off a heist of epic proportions in Boston, Massachusetts when they robbed a Brink's depot. A reporter for the Boston Globe called it... the perfect crime of the century.

 Joseph "Big Joe" McGinnis

Joseph "Big Joe" McGinnis

Anthony "Fats" Pino: Arrested January 12, 1956
Joseph "Big Joe" McGinnis: Arrested January 12, 1956
Joseph "Specs" O'Keefe: Already serving time in prison; Pled guilty and received a 4 year sentence. Released from jail in 1960.
Stanley "Gus" Gusciora: Already serving time in prison; Died July, 1956
Adolph "Jazz" Maffie: Arrested January 12, 1956
Vincent Costa: Arrested January 12, 1956
Henry Baker: Arrested January 12, 1956
Joseph Banfield: Died in 1952
Michael Geagan: Arrested January 12, 1956
James Faherty: Placed on FBI 10 Most Wanted List; Arrested May, 1956
Thomas "Sandy" Richardson: Placed on FBI 10 Most Wanted List; Arrested May, 1956



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Anthony "Fats" Pino: ©Sonia Martin
Joseph "Big Joe" McGinnis: ©Sonia Martin

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on historical true events. Every effort has been made to accurately describe people, places and events. Due to the amount of time that has passed since the crime, some parts may have been staged to help create scenes for dramatic effect.