#3 The Black Widow

Melissa Ann Shepard - Canadian Serial Killer


CRIMES: Manslaughter, grand theft, forgery, using forged documents, administering a noxious drug, failing to provide the necessities of life

LOCATION: Nova Scotia, Canada & Florida, United States

DATE: 1977 - present

SUMMARY: On the East Coast of Canada, there’s an 83 year old woman who looks like a nice, little old lady. The kind that would bake cookies and deliver them to you with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. But, don't be fooled, Melissa Ann Shepard is anything but a sweet old woman. She's sneaky, conniving and a good actress when it comes to widowed men looking for love. This crafty octagenarian is a murderer and fraudster. And for the most part, it seems like she's gotten away with it. 

Gordon Stewart: Manslaughter. April 27, 1991. 
Robert Friedrich: Cardiac arrest. December 16, 2002.
Alexander Strategos: Survived
Fred Weeks: Survived


DISCLAIMER: This story is based on true events. Every effort has been made to accurately describe people, places and events. Some parts may have been staged to help create scenes for dramatic effect.